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  Guilin Horseflesh Rice Noodles

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Producing area: Guilin, Guangxi, China

Custom: there is a kind of rice noodles, filling in very small bowls, someone can eat out a piece of  bowl once, so when you eat rice noodles, you must account decades but not one. The furnishings is different from others shop, which desk depends on wall in order to fold bowls easy. When you eat, there are others bowl filling in earthnuts, capsicum, vegetable and so on. It is the famous Guilin Horsemeat Rice Noodles.

History: it begin in Qing Dynasty. Naming for horsemeat and horse guts. At the beginning, it was sold besides of the stage when there was performance in temple and assembly hall. Because of its specialty, it was welcomed by people, and good selling. Later on, the shop selling horsemeat rice noodles gradually increased. In 1940s, lots of famous people gathered in Guilin, most of them enjoyed eating it, so it became more popular. The first shop located in Xingchun Door, later on, there appeared decades shops, such as: Yili Shop, Jiuli Shop, Yanxiang Shop, Youyi Shop and so on. With the competition, first, Yili Shop and Jiuli Shop were most welcomed, but Youyi Shop had a lot of money, they took up the market of horsemeat, they bought horse from other places, then raised them until they were strong enough, and the best meat leave in own shop, hypo-meat sell to others shops, moreover, they machining the guts into special seasoning to serve  customers and the influential, gradually Youyi Shop became the No,1 in horsemeat rice noodles trade, and keep for a long time.

Process: Guilin Horsemeat Rice Noodle is well-known, not only taste delicious, but also special facture.. generally seasoning of the rice noodles is salted and cooked, but the horsemeat is first salted, then storing the crock until autumn be coming. When take it out, chop in some pieces, cover on top of rice noodles, add sauce, it will be wonderful., even compare beauty with the specialty Zhenjiang Meat and Fish Dishes in Jiangsu Province. What is more, the way of scalded rice noodles is unique. Normal rice noodles is scalded in boiling water, but the horsemeat rice noodles is directly scalded in soup. So when you pour the soup into it, it is more delicious.

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